Het doet soms zelfs gewoon pijn2019

Louise John Pouchée was a French typographer. At the beginning of the nineteenth century he left his family and moved to England to practice his passion. He started his own type foundry. His business grew rapidly. Pouchée sold his type cheaper than other foundries. He wanted his prints, his passion, to be also accessible for the lower class. However, this became his dooming. His foundry went bankrupt.

Do you know the feeling? Your passion is so overwhelming, you can’t sit still? You have to move. That the feeling is só strong, you need to share it with other people. I questioned myself about this passion. How I could put this into words?

Het doet soms zelfs gewoon pijn (Sometimes it just hurts) was a part of the exhibition Archive Live in the Academy Galery, located in the center of Utrecht.

One of the 23 wood-engraved ornamented
alphabets of Louise John Pouchée

Exhibition Archive Live